iDream3(Sold Out)

iDream3(Sold Out)

Relieve, Relax and Rejuvenate with Innovative Air Pressure

iDream3adjustable knob can adjust different head circumference, smart pressure, microcomputer control technology, head, eye rubbing specific acupuncture point pressure, vibration, heat and other massage can help the head, the eye relax, relieve head and eye tension, relieve fatigue, improve sleep quality. iDream3 based healing massage and acupuncture for the design concept, simulation professional masseurs manual massage, plus European and American modern technology into their products, each use to bring the best massage experience, allowing users to restore optimal health.

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iDream3(Sold Out) Specifications

Pressure massage / vibration massage / hot function / relaxing music
Adjustable Knob: can adjust head circumference size, suitable for a variety of head circumference
Massage the top and back of the head synchronization: kneading can be pressed against the top of the shock, synchronized massage brain points, diastolic pressure sufficiently achieved
Visual mirror design: Cool Air mirror during massage, you can still see the external environment
One machine: the head to relieve the pressure and perform eye massage, both head eye
Persistent: longer efficient lithium battery life
Easy to carry: the multinational Universal voltage, easy to carry on business travel

Dimensions Length Width 206mm X 282mm X 254mm high
Net weight 1000 g
Power 8W
Voltage 5V
Material ABS plastic, PC plastic
Basic equipment host, power supply, manual, headset

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