Relieve with Innovative Air Pressure

Combining ancient hand-massage and acupuncture theories with modern technology, iDream3s is the best innovative head massager you could imagine. Enjoy a relaxing session while your acupoints being massaged through intelligent air pressure, vibration and heat. Release all the tension and fatigue throughout the day and enhance your sleep quality during the night.

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iDream3s Specifications

Pressure massage / vibration massage / heat therapy / relaxing


Adjustable Knob: size can be adjusted according to head contour

Synchronized massage: Massage the top and back of the head


See-through mirror surface: Enjoy a session while still being able to

see the outside environment

2 in 1 device: Massage the head and eyes all at once

Durable: longer lithium battery life

Easy to carry: A universal voltage, convenient for travelling

Dimensions: 206mm X 282mm X 254mm

Net weight: 998 g

Power 8W

Voltage 5V

Material: ABS plastic, PC plastic

Basic equipment: massager, power supply, user manual, headset

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