3D Hand-Massage Simulation, IPX 7 Waterproof

Equipped with 4 massager heads and 28 hand-simulated nodes, provides a thorough massage session for your scalp and visage with 6 traditional massage techniques: stretching, crimpling, pushing, pulling, rubbing and grabbing. Detachable massager heads are convenient for cleaning and sharing with your family. With 3 SPA scalp-massage modes and IPX 7 water-proof design, explore a new way of relief for your scalp while enjoying a soothing warm bath.

iScalp has been honoured with Red Dot Award 2015

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iScalp Specifications

3 SPA scalp-massage modes: slow forward, fast forward, fast reverse, can use with shampoo.
4 heads, 28 nodes: combines 4 fingers massage and 6 traditional massage techniques
3D bidirectional massage: up and down, left and right, front and rear. Relief daily aches and pains thoroughly
hand-massage simulation: Simulate professional hand massage to provide the best experience
IPX7 waterproof: Immersion proof for the whole device. Perfectly fine to use while bathing
Durable: Longer battery life
Washable massager heads: Washable device, removable massager heads. Ensure excellent hygiene
Ergonomic design: Perfect fit and more comfortable
Light and easy to carry: 368 grams with universal voltage, convenient for travelling
Dimensions: 90mm X 90mm X 120mm
Weight: 368 g
Power: 5W
Voltage: 5V
Material: ABS plastic, PC plastic
Basic equipment: Massager device, charging base, power supply, user manual
Alternate battery: Lithium, 3.7V 1150mAh, with a life-time of charging and discharging for 300 times. Charge 2 to 3 hours for a full battery. Last for 1.5 hours under continuous usage

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