Complete Relaxation for Head, Face and Body

Winner of the German Red Dot 2010 Product Design Award, finely designed with ergonomic structure and contact, equipped with IPX5 water-proof technique, this light and tiny massager allows you to use it whenever you are sitting, lying down or standing, making it your best company in a busy lifestyle.

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Mini319 Specifications

Head massage comb: with 35 Antistatic silicone massage nodes to stimulate the acupoints on the head to promote circulation and relieve tension
Face Massager: 360 degree motion wheel, rhythmically massage the face, give it glimmer and tighten the skin
Body massage: Strong tripod massage node and 6000 vibrations per minute help release stress and stay healthy

Head massage comb dimensions: 69mm X 96mm X 47.3mm
Face Massager dimensions: 111.5mm X 68mm X 38mm
Body massager dimensions: 94.4mm X 86.9mm X 99.7mm

head massager comb net weigh: 103 g
Face Massager net weigh: 75 g
Body massager weigh: 130 g

Head massage comb power: 1.3W
Face Massager: 1.3W
Body massage: 1.3W

One year warranty
Material: ABS plastic, PC plastic
Basic equipment: Massagers, batteries (AAA * 6), user manual, warranty card
Suggested Retail Price: NT $ 1,980

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